Following on from the popular Living Life to the Full course, we have launched the Living Life to the Full for Young People Book. This book resource can be used alone or to compliment the LLTTF Young Person classes or online course. Adapted from feedback gathered in school focus groups. Key features include:

  • Same 8 session course topics as the adult Living Life Course
  • Content and worksheets adapted based on young persons’ feedback
  • Content highlights life worries and challenges relevant to teenagers and other young people
  • Artwork updated to suit this age group

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Online Books

Improve your knowledge about what makes you – you, by reading books that cover key areas of life. These online books are available via our online LLTTF for Young People course.

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Click on the images below for examples of what you will find in our books

Write all over your bathroom mirror

write-all-over-your-bathroom-mirror-youth-edition-page-1Filled with practical hints and tips to help you get going and make changes this book provides a key overview of how to get started with the course.

Understanding your feelings

understandingfeelingsLearn what makes you tick and how to gain better control.


Doing things that make you feel better
feelbetterLearn how to improve how you feel by changing the things you do.
Looking at things differently
lookingdifferentlyLearn effective ways of relating differently to upsetting thoughts.
Building inner confidence
innerconfidenceLearn more about your own self confidence and what you can do to build on this.
How to fix almost everything
how-to-fix-almost-everything-youth-edition-page-1Learn an approach that you can use to tackle most problems.
Things you do that mess you up
the-things-you-do-that-mess-you-up-youth-edition-page-1Learn how to make sensible choices about what you do.
1, 2, 3, breathe
1-2-3-breathe-youth-edition-page-1Taking charge of anger and irritability – learn how to gain control over strong emotions and respond differently.
10 things you can do to feel happier straight away
10-things-you-can-do-to-feel-happier-straight-away-youth-edition-page-1Hints and tips to improving how you feel in the moment.