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LLTTF For Young People Class licence (12 month non-commercial licence)

Our popular Living Life to the Full classes have proved popular and effective for adults. Due to this we have launched Living Life to the Full classes for Young People, targeted for 13-18 year olds.

The course has been adapted from feedback gathered in school focus groups. Key features include:

Updated 8 session course topics addressing the concerns of young people of secondary school age
Content, worksheets and booklets adapted based on young persons’ feedback.
A printed single book to accompany the course can be purchased as an additional resource (find out more here)
Content and support scripts highlight life worries and challenges relevant to teenagers and other young people.
Artwork updated to suit this age group.
Powerpoint slides to run the course with all resources you need in PDF format, including worksheets to highlight learning from the sessions.
Adapted speaker notes to help throughout every stage of the course.

The Five Areas team offers training in the use of the Living Life course for Young People, to help you run it effectively. Please contact us at training@fiveareas.com to book a local practitioner training course. We also offer training workshops on a regular basis – visit www.fiveareas.com/training for details.


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  • You can also buy a combined LLTTF for Young People License to run both the face to face group classes and gain online access for up to 1000 users. Find out more.

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Teacher Feedback on LLTTF Young People Course (LLTTF-YP)